Software Development

We are the digital solution provider for customers, includes software development, mobil app and website design. software development, mobil app and website design is becoming more popular in the world. Nowadays many start-up companies and many industries are implementing their software development, mobil app and website design for their business to improve their business and attract more customers to the business.  

We emphasize the layout of visual beauty, regard to the smooth operation of the logic and value the interaction with the user.

Our Technologies

Our engineers are good at: 

  • HTML5, CSS3

  • java, javaScript

  • springMVC, mybatis and Rest API

  • Windows, Linux and Windows unix



ADS-ROC an application for the annual meeting of dental sciences. This APP make it more convenient and comprehensive for the members to enjoy the meeting.



Rebar showroom, we develop a five-layer software to let the information of products delivered more attractive and interactive. 




Abizin Platform is a smart store solution that integrate physical store to the online world. Please imagine the following situation. First, you are walking around Taipei Eastern District, a thought pop into your head, you want to buy a MacAir Book. So you open the Abizin App and find the nearest store that sales MacAir Book. Second, the store is just around the corner. Just at the time your phone received a MacAir Book coupon message from Abizin App. Third, you walk into the store. Find the place where display MacAir Book. Then Abizin App shows more information about MacAir book including comments from other user. Also you can find other products which are having a sale in the store by Abizin App.